Are grits healthy?

Grits made of hominy by the germ separated, which is grain that has been treated with an alkali in a method proclaimed nixtamalization. Grits are normally served with other flavors as a breakfast dish, regularly delicious. This food is really healthy and can be prepared like a tasty food. Per 100gr frits contain around 50 calories and have a big amount of sodium and little potassium.  Can say this food have fee potassium and is very good for people who don`t will eat this. We talk more about this subject here: Low Potassium Diet .

This corn expanded absorb liquid and is prepared with this. After cooking with some liquid is transformed in a gelatinized consistency. In the most of the time, this ailment is prepared at breakfast. 1 coup of frits can add 3 coupes of liquid like water or milk. This combination is healthy gits with milk for breakfast. This American food is very easy to cook and is healthy to eat.

Nixtamalization is the process of created grits what is not same Polenta (is yellow and appearance is same like grits). If you cook grits the calories is up and can have around 180 calories. This is a big level of calories.

Are grits healthy? Yes is healthy 1 gr fat!

If you don`t know what to eat in your weight loss diet. Is simple try grits for low calories per 100 gr! But if you add some sugar milk another sauce the calories number will grow up and the fats same. Grits nutrition is really simple to say. Just a few calories 1 gr fat and some sodium and potassium all this is nutrient of this ailment. 

B6 vitamin grits nutrition. If you put this question “are grits good for you” now have the answer: Yes! Are grits healthy? Again Yes! Why? All this because grits calories are low and have a big amount of b6 Vitamin. University of Maryland Medical Center specialists say the B6 help to stop carpal tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis or vision problems. A cup of enhanced cooked grits gives you 0.46 milligrams of vitamin B-6. For adults, the amount of B6 recommended is 1.1-1.6 milligrams every day.

Grits add 127.5 mg of sodium to your menu. The recommended levels is 1,500 mg for people with heart disease and 2,300 mg for healthy people. This contains folate, a very important aliment to prevent cancer and keep cells healthy. Folate helps to produce DNA. Is necessary around 400 micrograms of folate to prevent all disease. A coup of grits has 98 micrograms. For pregnant women, this amount is big, around 600.

Grits carbohydrates. A coup of grits is very good for athletic before training because containing around 40 carbohydrates what offer a big amount of energy during training. American Society for Nutritional Sciences says Grits are a richer source of leusine. Another nutrient important of healthy an amino acid that, may enhance muscle strength and help your body save glycogen, a polysaccharide that provides your tissues energy.

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