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healthy bag back

Healthy back bag carry by people but in special mode children at school, healthy method posture avoids back pain and disease. Most of the time, our bags are full of all sorts of things that make it harder and give us neck, shoulder and back pain. But there are small tricks that can relieve us of the pains of weights wearing on one shoulder or back. How much the bag is heavy, can create problems at the back. Men like women need a big bag full of all sorts of things that are considered useless. In nowadays, men are also required to carry backpacks or overloaded bags with laptops, sports equipment, notebooks and more. Weight on the back or on the shoulder damages posture and even causes intense pain. This can confirm all doctors in this world.

Rules for Healthy back bag:

  • The first tip is not to carry around than 15% of your body weight. When we carry a heavy bag, we must try not to exceed a total of 15% of our weight. Another specialist says 10% of our weight. For example, a person weighing 66 pounds should not be more than 9.5, not more than 10 kilograms. If your bag is heavier this can affect you. Any heavy bag will significantly affect the posture and can lead to long-term problems at the column.
  • Another advice is heavier objects should be put on the bottom of the bag. Try the object to be positioned at the bottom of the bag, so the weight will have a lower contact on the column’s curvature and posture. At the same time, caring the handbag will be a bit easier, principally for schoolchildren. Whenever possible, take a break should be taken to reduce the tension on the vertebral cervical muscles.
  • Best tips are to uses a backpack. Two straps on the back are the best choice. One study found: the neck, not the back (column), is most affected by a heavyweight. A backpack with two shoulder straps accommodates to correct the posture and weight is adequately distributed. Is not a good position or a healthy back bag if you carry only one shoulder, try to use alternatingly on both shoulders.


Healthy back bag Position for Children

Before weight, the most important is the incorrect position of the backpack can cause serious back pain. Explain to the child how is the best position for their backpack in the back, and when you are with him, offer help.

Fix the straps so that it can give it light movement and don`t do this so fix because hurt its shoulders. Specialist recommends for a healthy back bag to maximum 10% for weight at children.

healthy back bag

The healthy back bag should be as comfortable possible because the pressure on the shoulders what do a wrong back bag can affect you children health. To chose the right model, parents must have in mind a few fundamental rules, such as the material from what it is made, the quality and number of straps and the possibility of ventilation. For schoolchildren, the healthy back bag models need to made from rigid, strong-defined shape materials that will protect the child’s back are recommended.

The shoulder straps should be adjustable and padded so that no pressure is exerted on the shoulders. It is recommended the back bag to have an additional horizontal strap. Which helps to fix it correctly. To be avoided the back bag with thin straps, the string or those that or have only one shoulder, as they will determine an inccorect posture.

Most children choose to carry the bag only on one of their shoulders because they are more comfortable or it appears fashionable to go into a negligent posture. Remember the child how to carry the back bag, keep a regular eye on him, and show him some pictures of people who have various column deformations and tell all that is happening at the wrong back bag position. In this way, he will quickly understand the risks to which he enforces by complying with the rules. This really helps children to understand how important is to have a health vertebral column in this.

Learn your children to not avoid the back pain. Tell him is important to know if the back heart. You can associates the pain with the inccorect back bag. Cna really prevents all this posture and made for your children a more good and healthy future.

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