Detoxification oils and advice for a healthy body and organism


There is a special preoccupation by detoxification. Detoxification using essential oil for a healthy body and organism, body detoxification symptoms is important to know, tips remedies and advice for a healthy balance organism with this amazing process. They’re many preparations and specialized cure that promise detoxification organism in just a few day or results in the first day. Some are really effective in short-term, some detoxification programme doesn’t have visible results, and others can be dangerous for health if they are incomplete or not adapted to the health of the body.

A detoxification definition can be the next paragraph. The body has a natural capacity to detoxification he human organism. Has the natural capacity to self-regulate when the nutrition is properly and healthily. In mood normally the body is able to filter, neutralize and eliminate toxins imported in the body by food, water, drinks, medicines, skin and inspired air. Toxins coming from outside sources are called exotoxins. Exist also endotoxins, residuals products resulting from normal activity cells and oxidative stress that need to also eliminated by the body. Detoxification diet is a very complicated process where a participate digestive system (liver and intestine), kidneys, skin, lungs and lymphatic system.Detoxification

Are detoxification diets necessary? If a man had a healthy lifestyle, is not necessary to intervene from outside with pills or something else. With all this extern influence help the body perform its basic functions for a normal balance. However, as long the body consumed genetically modified food, vegetables planted in hydroponic greenhouses (without soil) or vertical farms (without soil and without natural light), fruits products including pesticides well over indicated levels, meat from animals treated with growth hormones and antibiotics, sugar added to all products, additives and preservatives, the natural ability of the organisms to remove dangerous substances is no longer sufficient. Uninfected toxins accumulate in tissues, produce acidosis and inflammation, damage to cells and tissues, with the appearance of various chronic diseases over time.

The body reveals us when it needs a detoxification plan. When the organism has accumulated too many toxins, the body gives signals. Body detoxification symptoms bellow. That should draw our attention and take action to help the body eliminate toxin:
• Tiredness and lack of apparently unjustified energy
• increased appetite for sugar
• difficult digestion, abdominal discomfort, bloating, transit disorders
• weight gain
• difficulty concentrating and attention, memory disorders
• Drowsiness in part at the second part of the day
• joint pain, headache
• repeated infections
• bad breath and excessive sweating and odor
• states of depression, nervousness or sudden changes in behavior
• Various allergies, food intolerances, dermatitis, pruritus
• signs of premature aging

Detoxification belts basic principles

Digestive uptime. Detoxification is a naturally triggered process when digestive recovery is installed. Man’s permanent care of constantly having something in the stomach obstructs the detoxification process, the organisms acting so demanded with digestion. Drink just water one day without food or something else this really helps the body detox naturally.

Juices and Cruelty. Alkalisation of the body by adopting a diet consisting of healthy food detoxification like fruits or vegetables or unprocessed foods what also participates in stimulating the natural detoxification process. All this food for detoxification can be simple eat to keep balance body.

Simultaneous detoxification of the colon, kidneys, and liver

Liver, intestine, and kidneys are organs included in the right detoxification rule, which also includes skin and lungs. The toxins delivered from the tissues are mobilized by the lymphatic circulation and the bloodstream to the liver, where they are neutralized. Then removed by intestine (excrement), rhinitis (urine), through the skin (sweat) through the lung (breathing).

Sport is necessary for detoxification

Movement is the best stimulant of lymphatic drainage. It contributes to the release of toxins from the tissues and their mobilization through the lymph to the elimination pathways in the body.

Detoxification is not just about the body.

Like as a lifestyle does not mean only food and clothing. It also refers to man’s psychic life. There is an incontestable connection between the mind and the body, including scientifically proven. When the body is purified, the mind becomes clearer. The benefits are greater when, with the change of diet, the person is also changing his thoughts. Clearing the mind from negative thoughts, hatred, envy, anger, fear, violence, and indifference – is a necessary part of the normal process of human well-being.

How often do I need to wear detoxification straps?

Periodic detoxification belts can have seasonal, weekly, monthly, or other periods recommended by the specialist. Detoxification at switching seasons is often practiced, with seasons changing human metabolism and nutrition. Very helpful is the one-day cure, the raw cure or the one-day water fast, which can be practiced weekly or monthly.

Detoxifying as a lifestyle 

To be absolutely healthy matters and what we do between two body detoxification treatments. For perfect health, so that all body functions can be balanced and harmonious, man need to eat the right food, drink pure source water, breathe fresh air, make fairly movement, follow the rule of the eighty-eight hours ( 8 hours of work, 8 hours of active relaxation and 8 hours of sleep) and have a fresh mind. Under these circumstances, the toxins that collect the body would be less quantitative would be neutralized and eliminated quickly and would not be so dangerous to health.

 Essential oils for detoxification

There are 3 forms you can apply essential oils to clear the body of toxins: inhalation, bath, and massage. The oils what use for massage is a target for reach the nervous system and, more precisely, the hypothalamus. The inhalation oils are same like oils for massage. Hypothalamus influences the hormonal system in the body which in turn influences the state of mind, the level of stress and the metabolism of a person.

All bellow oils can be used in the bath, put around 10 drops in hot water or you can use for inhalations. You need a hot water container and drop 2 or 5 drops of Essential oils for detoxification. Cover head with a towel and breathe the steam for a few  5-10 minutes. The inhalations can be easy use for acne detoxification.

  • coriander
  • grapefruit
  • fennel
  • geranium
  • lemon
  • orange
  • rosemary
  • mandarin
  • juniper
  • lemongrass.

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