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An always-on topic is the importance of a healthy personal and professional life. In particular, the way we manage to reconcile them. For some, balance is found in sports. That’s because the movement is a huge benefit for body and mind. The same goes for the proverb: “Mens Sana in corpore Sano”. How else can we have a mind, a healthy thinking, if the body that hosts it is not clean and airy?

By training the body, we train the mind and get healthy. Exercises lead us to focus, coordinate parts of our body; working daily, we bring a state of well-being into our lives. Eliza Luca, Sports Manager Club Moving Romania, answered some questions about the importance of sports in our lives. In the conditions of modern life, impeded by the sedentarism that is difficult to avoid because of the objective conditions in which we live in the cities, “the sport practiced consistently, according to the power of each, is the best substitute for man’s physical movement and work for centuries before the emergence of technology, the one who relieved him in times close to much of the body’s effort, “says Eliza Luca.

Replacing physical effort with comfort has unpleasant side effects; we all know it, from any specialized study that draws attention to the consequences of sedentarism. All we have to do is dedicate at least a few hours per week to exercise of any kind. The movement keeps us healthy and intelligent as we get older. If we do not exercise, our muscles are atrophied. During the training, the blood is moved and the brain is kept in shape. “An effective program for maximum performance would be: one day of training – one day break because the body needs 24 hours of relaxation,” says Eliza Luca.

Discipline, self-control, well-being

Sport should be part of everybody’s life and its importance is a must have for your health. It is more than a movement, it is a way of healthy life that changes your perception of the world. It gives you the chance to better capitalize on things that matter. Even when you practice it in the little spare time left after work, it gives you a degree of discipline and self-control that is difficult to obtain by other means. “It is known that constantly practiced sport strengthens the will and develops self-mastery skills that can be easily applied later in other areas of personal and professional life. Many famous personalities in various disciplines or fields have practiced or continue to practice the movement and admit that this has helped them a lot in their personal evolution, “explains Eliza Luca.

Sport puts you in the face with your own limits, helps you to overcome them, but it also traces the exact boundaries of human possibilities, consciously confident self-confidence, along with modesty and power to act, with respect for others and for the universe.

It helps us to be smarter and healthy; balances psychic activity; sleep quietly, no nightmares; we get rid of fat – being the best anti-obesity medicine; motivates us to overcome our limits; helps us to trust ourselves; prolongs its life and quality; increases the ability to react, makes us react more quickly; gives us a good, positive state: we laugh, we sing, dance, etc .; rejuvenates the heart; gives us the opportunity to escape from everyday life; we become more beautiful, because the beauty comes from the inside, from the state of well-being. And the list of healthy things that sport gives us can go on for a long time.

Exercises for maximum form

Our training recommends, especially for beginners, aerobic exercises combined with swimming. “The results are quick: they give you extra energy and help you achieve your goals.” Of course, anyone needs a break even from the sport, just as an employee needs a vacation. “It’s important to have a constancy three times a week in a room or even at home, and a week or two weeks a year not to do sports at all because the body needs a reset from time to time,” says Eliza.

Sport is like sport, but it also counts on the diet “I do not recommend drastic diets, even I am against them all together”. “The body needs a healthy diet. He needs sweet when he works a lot. It needs proteins that can be taken from vegetables, such as mushrooms, meat, preferably beef, goats, and fish. Neither fruits should be missing from our daily menu, “recommends Eliza. It has been found over time that people consume less food when they have a habit of doing sports and that the level of gherkins (the appetite-stimulating hormone) decreases.

Healthy Life

Another benefit of physical activity is to promote well-being. According to studies based on sport versus depression, physical effort causes the release of the “hormone of happiness” by the pituitary gland, endorphin being responsible for our good mood. “For me, sport meant the opening of the horizon and a special vision of life. He has been practicing since he was three and a half years old. I think the most in this sports industry I like socializing and working with people. And every time I say that movement, physical exercise or sports if you like, are for everyone not just for professionals. Given the qualities and awareness of their importance and role in improving human health, I recommend them all to practice the movement, and the reward will be on the table, “says Eliza.

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