Ideal Protein Diet

Ideal Protein Diet helps you to lose weight in a healthy and simple way. Many people choose to follow diets in order to lose excess kilos. A lot of diets have proven to be non-productive and also dangerous for health. To lose weight with Ideal Protein Diet is very simple. Need to follow simple steps: make some sports exercise, eat healthy without fats and eat many foods to contains proteins amount level. Easy steps in ideal protein diet plan. Just make sport and eat.

The introduction of proteins into your diet have to be done gradually. Do not forget, calories are very important. Proteins offer 4 kcal, make the best choices! A Protein Diet is not just for marathoners people and for those who practice exercise every day. Proteins build muscles, so this Protein Diet is for everyone who wants to look awesome!

Foods rich in proteins for a Ideal Protein Diet

Cooking manner is very important!


There are some things to know before starting a Protein Diet. Firstly, the recommended daily dose fro protein is 56 gr/day for men, and 46 gr/day for women. Secondly, the types of protein you eat will have a great impact on how you lose weight and for your muscle.

The richest protein food:

  • Poor read meat, fish and chicken. Step by step easy introduce these aliments of protein into the Protein Diet. No pork! No fried meat! For a healthy ideal protein diet and optimal results. The meat is the most healthful barbecue, steam, or oil-free oven before.
  • An egg contains around six grams of protein. If you do not have time to prepare your breakfast every morning before leaving home, boil at the beginning of the week between five and ten eggs and keep them in the refrigerator. To start your protein diet it is a good option to eat two eggs a day.
  • Seafood is a true royal of healthy meals: shells, mussels, oysters, these. Even if it is a little bit expensive compared to others foods type but is the best for a ideal protein diet.
  • A glass of milk a day gives you protein, calcium, salt beneficial to bone health. 100 gr of milk have 42 kcal and 3,4 proteins
  • 300 g yogurt per day is the secret ingredient for a day full of vitality. 100 gr yogurt contain 10 gr proteins and 54 kcal.
  • Cheese is an important source of protein. 200 g of cheese provides the same amount of protein as 200 g of chicken. The cheese make at home is very healthy and have a big amount of proteins. Charge to eat more eat what is prepared at home.
  • Beans are  are very healthy for an ideal protein diet. Try to eat them at launch or dinner several time in a week.
  • Lentils: There are numerous varieties of lentils of various shapes and colors, all varieties being rich in protein, having a low carbohydrate content. Lentils has been special in the Mediterranean diet, being a popular food since antiquity.
  • Nuts, almonds, raw pistachio, Macadamia nuts are rich in protein and healthy nutrition values, like fiber. A handful of nuts instead of chips or chocolate is the healthiest snack for a busy afternoon.
  • Vegetables; Many people ask themselves: “How many proteins contain vegetables?”  Spinach, broccoli or naut are an important source of vegetable protein. Which is the advantage of their consumption? Well, they do not come in a pack of fat, but with a minimum of carbohydrates that give energy and fibers that support good digestion.
  • Soy from a nutritional point of view, soy milk and tofu cheese contain enough protein. For a ideal protein diet even if you are vegetarian.

An ideal protein diet results when eating low-fat foods!

Studies show that a protein diet is a the most effective way to lose weight. These healthy proteins help the body to resist at intense training. Cardio training or muscle gain training now is very simple to resist of you eat food with high level of protein. In short high protein diet reduce appetite.Ideal Protein Diet Menu List Food Healthy Diet Proteins Plan

If you choose to start a Protein Diet add to your daily menu good sources of carbohydrates! Some examples are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other sources of healthy fats like green olives, cold pressed oils, avocados. Find proteins from the less popular animal source among consumers: turkey breast, goulash, rabbit meat or chicken. Seafood has a big high of protein. An ideal protein diet contains salmon. Considered fairly costly for a weight loss diet, salmon, can be successfully replaced with bass, herring, trout, sardines, tuna or roe. Another advice is to combine and change the source of protein. If you are a begginner eat fish rich in Omega-3, beans, lentils, to complement your fiber and protein needs. Then, you can add some nuts for example, to your menu. It is very good to have a variety of food and ailments.

American study gathered a group of volunteers and offered them a breakfast of protein with: one group, eggs, another group cereals and the last group croissant with coffee. We have to mention that the both menus have the same number of calories. 300-400 calories have the first group at the other meals during the day. Eggs are more nutritious than croissants. If you feed well in the morning, you will eat less for the rest of the day. Remember that the proteins transform in muscle and the fats in extra weight.


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