Jalapeño different ways of preparation

In this article I’ll present you some ways to prepare this food with Jalapeño or Chipotle. Jalapeno salsa, Chipotle pepper and Quick Pickled Jalapeno Rings. These 3 kinds of dishes are very easy to be prepared. Really tasty food for you and for your family or just some ingredients for your sauces.

1. Chipotle pepper

This pepper at Chipotle is really good but very, very spicy. I don`t know a lot of people who can eat this. It is known as a Mexican delicacy that has a lot of followers at fast food. I’m warning you that it can make you crying if you’re not used to eat spicy. It becomes in a short time one of the most popular American dishes and people introduced this ingredient in their daily food. Jalapeño is the name of this spicy food and it cames from Mexic. After it is prepared in a special way, it is used as an important element throught Chipotle fast food ingredients.

2. Chipotle aioli (jalapeno salsa)

Bad for your body if you want to loos weight is Chipotle aioli. This delicious spicy aioli is really tasty and makes this fast food restaurant menu to become very popular and really delicious. Al lot of people choose this aioli at Chipotle Sauce because of his combination of tastes that creates dependence. It is really good and tasty but let’s see if it is so good and for you body ?

Well, probably is no longer a surprise for anyone the fact that Chipotle Sauce is destructive for your body and health. A cup of this awesome aioli at Chipotle has around 70-80 calories. Why? Because it contains 7 gr fats and around 5 carbohydrates. Bed news, isn’t it? 🙁 This is what I often ask myself: Why something so delicious must be so bad for my body? Actually I’ve noticed that the better it tastes, the worse it is for health! But then, I discovered that I can eat healty food and also delicious. How? I’ll show you in others articles.


3. Quick Pickled Jalapeno Rings

Need water,sugar,kosher salt,garlic,vinegar and oregano. All this ingredients is put in a saucepan high heat. Put all this in a boil and cut jalapeno peppers after remove the interior stones. Put all this ingredients togheter and lets to cool for 15 minutes. 

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